Apr 3, 2014


Reporters all like brouhahas
They sure are lots of fun
You don’t know what’s a brouhaha
Well, Watergate was one

Bridgegate is another
And those cable guys pursue it
Asking ol’ Chris Christie
What he knew and when he knew it
It’s as if every anchor
There on M S N B C
Lives or has a cousin
Stuck in traffic in Ft. Lee

It’s what across the nation
All the media enjoy
Except for in Hawaii
Where they call them brou ha hoi

The Russian word for brouhaha
I just don’t want to try
I know that in Jerusalem
They call them HAZARAI

The problem with a brouhaha
You never know when stuff’ll
Blow up from a (you know what)
Into a real kerfuffle

You issue a denial
Your spokesman shouts and stomps
And what was a kerfuffle’s
Now a full blown contre temps
Today’s administration
They sure have had their share
Of fracases, to-dos and rows
As you might be aware

A tumult and a hub bub
Lesser powers might defeat
But far beyond the notice
Of the media elite

The strategy they’ve seized upon
Like none that came before it
Presented with a crisis
Quite simply, they ignore it.

1 comment:

Starlee said...

I so appreciate how you record history through poetry. Like Mary Katheryn Hamm, the word contretemps amused me (I'm a language teacher) and I had to look it up to remind myself of what its meaning is. Great poem - love your work.