Nov 18, 2011

A Psalm for the Psuper Committee

When I was young
I had this thing
I thought that compromise was king

And I would go
That extra mile
To, meet, retreat or reconcile

I didn’t live life the wheat from chaff way
I’d meet the other
Fellow half way

But now I sing
A dif’rent song
A thing is right or it’s plain wrong

And so I stand
To meet this fight
For raising taxes just ain’t right

For truth is truth
And facts is facts
A dead deduction
Is a tax

They say
When there’s so much at stake
There oughta be some give and take

But then when times
Get worse that rough
They’ll say we didn’t give near enough

And things wouldn’t be
So bleak and dire
If we’d let them raise taxes higher

We’d better be
As hard as nails
Or woe betide us when it fails

Don’t make a deal
You’ll soon regret
Take a stand and get a set

For virtue ends
And freedom dies
When good men start to compromise

Nov 10, 2011

Veteran’s Day 2011

When you stand to pledge allegiance
When you hit your knees to pray
For our past and for the future
Thank a veteran today

With a feeling deep inside you
With the flag that you display
With respect and admiration
Thank a veteran today

We all know that Freedom’s precious

But there is a price to pay
For the ones who pick the tab up
Thank a veteran today

When calamity approaches
They are there to bar the way
For the safety that surrounds you
Thank a veteran today

For the peace within our borders
For a place the kids can play
For the things we take for granted
Thank a veteran today

For the families behind them
For the soldiers far away
Find a way to make a difference
Thank a veteran today

If you hear someone insult them
Don’t ignore the things they say
Let them know that you’ve got their back
Thank a veteran today

From the mountains of New Hampshire
To the sands of Santa Fe
Let them know how much we love them
Thank a veteran today

Nov 4, 2011

A Poem of Scandals

As sure as rain’s in Spain
And there’s some wind in them thar willows
I know we’re going to learn
Each politician’s peccadilloes

The papers and the blogs contend
To post the morning’s stunner
All aimed at undermining
Who’s perceived as the front-runner

It happens every year
Just as the days succeed the dawns
To make it to the end
You’d better know who mows your lawns

I’ll give you sound advice
Just as once Joseph gave to Pharaoh
Never eat a salad
That was picked by a Brasero

If someone that you work with
Seems particularly charming
Think about a new career
Like poetry or farming

The polls will keep ascending
Until you reach a lofty perch
Provided you ignore the things
Your pastor says in church

Perhaps we should pick candidates
By Natural Selection
And wait a million years till
One evolves to reach perfection

I know to be despairing
Is considered quite a sin
But I can’t help obsessing
On the things that might have been

If only Gov’ner Christie
Had been just a little smaller
If only Herman’s wife had been
Well…just a little taller.