Apr 1, 2016

Can't We All Just Get a Life

Elections, it would seem to me
Are serious concerns
On each and every ballot
A country’s future turns

It may embrace a tyrant
Or elevate a fool
For politics encourages
The crafty and the cruel

Altruists, in this career
Must pay a higher price
It has a way of preying on
The noble and the nice

And every politician
Who thinks their star is rising
Can be a little pompous
And a bit self-aggrandizing

So waiting for a paragon
I find a wee bit stunning
As if you didn’t know by now
Pope Francis isn’t running

The message that I have today
Simplistic as it sounds
Ted Cruz is not the Steelers
And Kasich ain’t the Browns

If we don’t want to find ourselves
In East and West Berlins
It’s how the nation chooses
Not which contender wins

I don’t care where which one was born
Or has aggressive minions
Or has as many mistresses
As others have opinions

Let’s get back to the issues
Before it gets to late
It’s not as if we don’t have
Lots of issues on our plate

No, you don’t have to pay me
I’ll just give you my advice
If we don’t figure this out fast
We’ll pay a dreadful price.