Feb 17, 2012

Randon Rhymes

When ere I write my poetry
I try to have a theme
But with this one
I think I’ll row
My conscious down the stream

There’s so much to provoke me
That I assure you, verily
No matter where I row my boat
I won’t have done it merrily

The payroll tax agreement
I wish they had rejected it
Because they never cut the tax
They just won’t have collected it
And when the money they didn’t get
IS all doled out and spent
Everyone will wonder where the lock box went

The president has stated
And repeated sans seccession
Th’economy’s the worst it’s been
Since the Great Depression
Perhaps when he was speaking
He wasn’t listening, …cuz
Now he says he didn’t know
How bad it really was

Our government inspectors
Those clever little foxes
They snuck a regulaton in
Accessing our lunch boxes
Now, I am law-aiding
And by no means a meanie
But no one from the government’s
Gonna look at my pannini

Oh what a week this last week was
If ere there was a week
I fear we’ve all been rowing
Down the drain or up the creek