Dec 25, 2014

Why is this Week Different?

I’d like to take my pen in hand
And write a little rant
I’d like to vent invective
But it’s Christmas, and I can’t

I’d like to raise my voice
And say the words mom said I couldn’t
I’d like to bruise the language
But it’s Christmas, and I shouldn’t

I’d like to lose my temper
Though my friends all tell me, “Don’t!”
I need an angry outburst
But it’s Christmas, and I won’t

We find a world that’s fallen
And not working as it should be
He came for all the nations
So through sacrifice, it could be
But soon the souls he came to save
Saw insurrection brewing
And though he only spoke of Love
They plotted his undoing
And when the things they plotted
Brought the Savior to his knees
The last words that he uttered were,
“Forgive them, Father, please.”

The spirit may be willing
But the flesh is often weak
How hard it is to understand
And turn the other cheek

So when I’m moved to anger
Even in a world gone mad
I think of His example
For it’s Christmas, and I’m glad

Dec 18, 2014

Red Kettle Rhymes

In Spring, the birds are singing
And in gardens, pretty petals
While now, the bells are ringing
And on corners, there are kettles

Those birds and buds embody
The renewal they proclaim
The coins inside those kettles…
Well, the do about the same

That flowering empowers
The potential in the earth
Your contributions also
Are a part of that rebirth
For where the lost and least
Are waiting, whispering a prayer
Your gracious generosity
Can put an Army there

So when you feel the spirit
And you’re doing as you should
Make sure, then, that you’re giving
Where you’re doing the most good

The Army that I speak of
Is essential to our nation
Named and motivated
By the promise of Salvation

The hosts who speak for Salem
Are committed to their mission
And each year they engage in
Somewhat friendly competition

Prager’s in the running
But Bill Bennett’s in the tank
Gallagher’s so far ahead
We think he robbed a bank.

I urge you to contribute
And I’m confident you’ll do it
So please go click the button
By the picture of Hugh Hewitt
With your participation
Hewitt’s vic’try is a cinch
So please go make it happen
Or he’ll turn into the Grinch.

Dec 5, 2014

Advent 2014

I know it isn’t prudent
And I know it isn’t wise
But every time the news comes on
I just avert my eyes

I sure don’t want to hear it
And I sure don’t want to see
The planet isn’t spinning now
The way it ought to be

I sense a lot of people
Are in trouble getting sleep
The days are short, the weather sharp,
The way is dark and deep

The sun is at its farthest point
The tides have turned away
We’re in a time of trouble
Just as all the prophets say

Though justice is a stranger
And faith and trust are lacking
Somewhere in the wilderness
A caravan is packing

For in the gloom of winter
They see a single star
And know by love and learning
What its implications are

They make no hesitation
Though roads could use some paving
Because they know the journey
Is their duty and their saving

So keep your eyes wide open
Be sure to stay awake
Be ready for the lessons
On the journey you might make

For in the times of trial
And gloom of endless night
The wise are always watchful
For a little point of light