Oct 28, 2011

Tarzana Rant

They say,” To the victor belongs the spoils”
But I say, to the spoiled belongs the victory!"

They put stuff in our cigarettes to make us smoke

They put flesh on the internet to waste our time

They put flavor in our food to make us hungry

But we’re on to them now

Together we have seen the light
Together we have seen the truth
Together we will make the future
As we chant our beloved mantra

“It’s not our fault!”

And if we say it long enough ,we will believe it.

And we will be saved

We grew up crying
And we cried until we got what we wanted
And if we cry loud enough, the government will give us what we want
For we will be the government
And we will give the government our taxes
And we will give the government our guns
And all the guns and all the taxes will be ours
For we are the government
And everything we need will be in grabbing distance then
(to quote Denver’s most famous poet)

We will turn our back on war
We will turn our back on famine
We will turn our back on disease
And because we don’t see them, they will not exist

And we will finally have the resources to live in a city with a sufficient number of public restrooms, somewhat emptied by low-flow toilets, dimly lit by compact flourescents, moderately warmed by non-fossil fuels, and barely nourished by exclusively organic crops

Ignorance is the active ingredient in Socialism