Apr 13, 2012

Turning Apple Trees to Kindling

I’ve made minute inquiries
And a score of detailed queries
But never put much credence
In conspiratorial theories

Rather I’ve determined
To observe and to construe
Objectives of the left
By what they say and what they do

And what they’ve done is clearly
By the day and by the hour
To build a bigger government
And consolidate its power

As if to prove my point
You’ll find the evidence you seek
By studying the actions
Of the DOJ this week

Now, growth's been hard to find
No matter where a person looks
But one place sales are up
Is in the downloading of books

Apple’s making money
So are publishers and writers
What better time to regulate
And unleash the indicters

Amazon’s discounting by a buck
Or maybe two
I guess the folks at Justice
Don’t have better things to do

It’s not like global warming
Which we’re all about to die from
I think consumers know enough
To pick which place to buy from

Excuse me if this sounds like
Sophomore Civics for beginners
It’s not the job of government
To be out there picking winners

It’s not about collusion
Or a profit or a loss
It’s government asserting
Just exactly who’s the boss

So if you make a profit
Prosper, flourish or produce
Someone from the family
Will come by to get the juice