Jul 2, 2015

CH CH CH Changes

Every day the world is changing
In some ways quite hard to notice
Which has not a thin to do with
Who’s the POTUS or the SCOTUS

From the levels of the oceans
To the heights of mountain ranges
For a hundred million seasons
And a thousand climate changes

From the way the birds are singing
To the way the corn is growing
Either shockingly or subtly
Without you even knowing

So it shouldn’t be surprising
And you shouldn’t think it strange
That today’s a little dif’rent
And there’s been a little change

Take a look at ancient history
OH, the Romans were so clever
Sure they had a good thing going
But it couldn’t last forever

And those British noble families
Living in their Downton Abbeys
Now the Lord and Lady Grantham
Are both thriving UBER cabbies 

Neither party has a patent
On the House or on the Senate
And the Cavs will do it next time
And the Tribe can win the pennant

So the point this poet’s making
At a speed that’s somewhat numbing
Change is happening around us
And we need to see it coming

And the statues that should guide us
Both the spirit and the letter
State that every generation
Must make sure it’s for the better

So commit to make the difference
You millennials and geezers
You don’t really want to end up
Like the Lakers or the Caesars.