Aug 16, 2013

Hope and Change Revisited

I feel like such a dope
I thought it was the hope
Just like the pundits told us
Our aspirations sold us
But clearly, truth to tell
Hope’s a thing ALL politicians sell

So as involved persuasion
Hope was only part of the equation

And in this double feature
Change is quite a different creature
Now even on vacation
The leader of our nation
Is starting to perceive
Change is somewhat harder to achieve
As scientist all say
An object that’s at rest tends to stay that way
Plus when the dust is cleared
Hope is always welcome
Change is often feared
Sure I want a brand new phone
But I’ll stay in my comfort zone
And seeing what’s occurred
Change has been delayed, waived and deferred
With laws subject to erasure
Change may come…but slower than a glacier
And though the goal was laudable
It’s taking more than hope
To make health care affordable

Aug 9, 2013

Words for Thought

A bunch of busy bodies
Have been making much ado
Wondering if Egypt has been
Going through a coup

Setting stunning standards
For deceit and obfuscations
The folks at State determined
Not to make determinations

Auditing the briefing then
The take-away is this
A coup is not a coup
The way a kiss is just a kiss

Of course upon reflection
I now understand completely
A rose is not a rose
And called a fish would smell as sweetly

Folks who study rhetoric
Have rarely seen the same
Backwards bending over
Since Cuomo spoke at Notre Dame

He said to run for office
In the states or jurisdictions
Every Catholic candidate
Should give up their convictions

If you're without convictions, sir
Then pray, consider silence
Or you’ll be saying terrorists
Are plotting workplace violence

Is zeal for wealth and power
So intense and so compelling
They can't show us the poke
Or pig within that they'll be selling?

I don’t ask much of politics
But beg for one thing mainly
Is there a politician who
For once can say things plainly?