Dec 29, 2011

Happy New Year

New Year 2012

I think you folks will all concur
The year gone by has been a blur
It seems October pumpkins still
Are resting on my window sill
For time, I’m certain has been bended
I swear, last week, the summer ended
I went and met my kids new teachers
And Pujols hit one in the bleachers
My savings hadn’t been depleted
The Cleveland Browns were undefeated
Herman Cain was all the buzz
And Corzine knew where his money was

Another 12 months have been squandered
As if I, through a wormhole, wandered
And so I feel I must make haste
Or put another week to waste
For I have now but one directive
To pen a rhyming retrospective
Then close by hoping for our host
And listeners from coast to coast
That fate and fortune might conspire
To give you all the you desire
And when the champagne corks are popped
After the crystal ball has dropped

I pray for you by all that’s holy
That time may pass a bit more slowly

So taste the feast and sip the wine
But save a glass for Auld Lang Syne

Dec 9, 2011

Is this any way to pick a candidate?

Some folks think that we’re heading down
A freeway to disaster
Under the direction of
Some evil puppetmaster

A hidden hand that seeks to break
All bound’ries and each border
Inexorably establishing
Some creepy new world order

These folks conclude we’re powerless
To thwart what it devises
And see the hidden hand behind
Their candidates’ demises

For those who shout , “Conspiracy”
I pose to you this query…
How can you see a master plan
Where I see chaos theory?

A candidate soars in the polls
Then blunders, gaffes and stumbles
A lead thought insurmountable
Within a weekend crumbles

A war chest grows from day to day
Deposit on deposit
And then some half-dressed skeleton
Emerges from the closet

Now some expect the outcome
Of these regular upheavals
Will find the process elevates
The lesser of two evils

While others see a savior
Snowmobiling to the rescue
A governor who’s currently
Out hiding in the fescue

It’s possible the outcome
When we gather in convention
Will be a politician
The Great Mentioner didn’t mention

But all this won’t deter us
From our main objective, Shall it?
We’re sure to have a winner
By the 37th ballot