Aug 14, 2015

The Summer of the Server

To everyone except
The most post-partisan observer
I think we’ll soon be calling this
“The Summer of the Server”

As we can all attest
No matter what our rank or station
Technology holds equal parts
Of progress and frustration

I’ve tweeted things, regretfully
I quickly wished I didn’t
And curse Comcast because
My internet is intermittent

Now Hillary has learned
To be connected on the go
Means every little quid
Goes hand in hand with eating quo

She thought that she was being
Slickly subtle, wise and clever
Well, paper can be burned
But, darling, e-mail is forever

She said she found it tough
To have to deal with two devices
But quickly, we found out
That’s just the way baloney slices

30,000 e-mails
About wedding guests and yoga?
I sense a fall like Arnold’s
After Ft. Ticonderoga

Insisting what she did was neither
Criminal nor sloppy
She took the extra step
And gave her counselor a copy

Now just between us two
I wouldn’t call that strict adherence
And last time that I looked
Her lawyer didn’t have a clearance

Because of this, her Ladyship
Is floundering again
And you thought you had problems

Moving up to Windows 10