Sep 21, 2012

The Week that Was

To make sense
Of the week’s events
I like to do my part
But thinking of
The week that was
I don’t know where to start

The debt is not
A short term threat
The President opined
So much so that
The sum we owe
Has sort of slipped his mind

Well if you have a master plan
I think that you should go for it
But when you spend a trillion bucks
You should have stuff to show for it

Unemployment’s stuck on eight
We’re now a food stamp nation
His major disappointment though?
Too little immigration
His treatment of some
Heads of state
Has made observers irate
Instead of meeting  face to face
He’s talking like a pirate
Romney may seem cautious
Speak while sitting on the fence
But sound bites from the White House
Simply don’t make any sense

Every politician has
A trust side and a doubt side
But few express
An eagerness
To change things from the outside

Chicago politicians caved
And teachers stopped their strike
Free speech is protected
That’s if it’s speech we like

But nothing mentioned heretofore
Upstaged the main event
A fact that may be noticed
By the 53 per cent

Our embassies are under siege
Our safe houses are burning
He said he had a lot to learn
I guess that he’s still learning

Sep 15, 2012

Eleven Years Without Them

As if we need to be reminded
As if our hearts were somehow blinded
As if each plane that I see fly
Light and faultless in the sky
Isn’t carrying the souls
Of Beemer and the boys
Who left their seats to save us

They didn’t obey the blinking sign
Pretending everything was fine
Waiting for the sanctions

As if every visitor to New York doesn’t wonder
And lining up without our shoes
And belts
And pocket change
We know why we’re waiting

As if we need a reason to remember
As if the date is not a scar
On each bright stripe and star

They set our flag on fire?
Then we should hoist it higher

 But we still think before we speak
Because we should; our mothers said so
And then we speak; because we must
For no one knows better what we have to say

And if I sin for what I say
Then lock me up in Bedlam
It is the safest place
In a world gone mad.

As if…