Jun 15, 2012

Trust Me on This
As the Obama Speech was not well received even by the mainstream media, strangely, the White House has reached out to me to put a little rhyme into his reasoning.
Here’s what I’ve come up with. I wonder if they’ll like it.
I ran to bring the middle class
A future warm and sunny
To give you all that you deserve
I’ll have to take your money
The best economists agree
The science has been settled
In four more years along this path
The path will be rose-petalled
Some may suggest another way
But let’s all quit pretending
The way to lower deficits
Is drunken-sailor spending
I know you’ve heard some guarantees
And even more reneging
The hole is getting deeper
But I say let’s just keep digging
To learn from our reversals
Is a quest not worth pursuing
We know what caused the crisis
It’s all George Bush’s doing
The downturn of 2008
We Democrats can fix
The way we made things better
When we won 2006
So live life by the lesson
So pervasive this town
When what you’ve tried is failing
That’s the time to double down
I’m certain as I’ve ever been
At least there’s not much doubt there
I’m sure if we look hard enough
There’s more Solyndra’s out there
I have a plan that can not fail
To get this country cooking
The unemployment rate will drop
If more of you stop looking
I know my term has been defined
By blood and sweat and tears
But I promise you the future
If you give me four more years