Feb 1, 2013

Redistributing Government

We all just got a lesson
From those folks who make the game work
Have a couple meetings
Then announce you have a framework

They launch a little vessel
Then step back as it goes drifting
Leaving it to someone else
To do the heavy lifting

Start a new bureaucracy
And pass a few more laws
Totally ignoring both
The problem and the cause

The government’s enormous
And its growth just can’t be slowed
Any one that’s tried to
Has been told to hit the road

So if our sober senate’s unprepared to set the tone
I’d like to entertain you with a framework of my own

My plan should get attention for its excellence and rareness
Seeing as it’s based almost entirely on fairness
By reading daily papers you should know it’s not surprising
That just outside the capital, all real estate is rising
It’s only in the beltway loop that unemployment’s rare
And any good Progressive must agree that’s less than fair

Because there’s so much wealth embedded in the institution
I say our central government could use redistribution
My plan is very simple and in it’s essence states
That cabinet departments should be shipped out to the states

All those hefty sal’ries can be moved to your community
Denying the nefarious one target opportunity

Then everyone in Michigan would sure be sitting pretty
If we moved Transportation out there to the Motor City

Commerce to Chicago and Defense should move to Texas
So everyone in Dallas could afford a second Lexus.

It’s not exaggeration and it isn’t any joke
It’s just the only way to fix a government that’s broke
It may seem kind of crazy but this is how I figger’
The one thing that it’s good at…is making itself bigger