Apr 3, 2014

Impossibly Good News

Seven million sign ups
Ain’t that swell
Baghdad Bob is alive and well

He changed his name
For just one Day
From Baghdad Bob to D.C. Jay

The ranks of the uninsured have shrunk
We met the target; Who’d a thunk

Just last week
We had no clue
Now it’s seven million
Sixty-seven thousand
And thirty-two
(Who knew?)

In other news
Even more surprising
The world’s at peace and the seas stopped rising
We’ve entered an era
Of great good felling
The weapons were surrendered and the planet’s healing

All the bad guys just left town
And the unemployment rate went down

Merkel may be playing hard to get
But our role with Russia has been re-set
Putin’s plans have all been thwarted
And looked at all the people that we’ve deported

All is joy and peace and love
Everything’s been gotten to the bottom of

Sun’s in the sky
And the sky ain’t fallin’
Osama’s dead
And GM’s…recallin

I’ve met or exceeded all my goals
Now why don’t we go play eighteen holes.
Last time I played..ain’t it a wonder
You might not believe it but I shot six under.

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