Mar 21, 2014


The lessons that I’ve learned in life
I summarize this way
You learn most from what people do
And not from what they say.

If you have pride in where you’re from
And don’t have soap to sell
You won’t object to wearing
A small flag on your lapel

You’d know you govern by the law
And not through rules and orders
That countries have their interests
Their traditions and their borders
I speak of one such country
Whose name by now you’ve guessed
Whose people and whose borders lie
Between the East and West

Not so very long ago
With warheads laid in stacks
They gave up all their weapons
‘Cause we said we had their backs

And when the Ukraine asked for help
They thought we would deliver
But when a push became a shove
We sold them down the river
A doctrine of diplomacy
That Kerry rarely mentions
You can’t cement alliances
With only good intentions

Around the world
The USA most surely has detractors.
Though looking at it carefully
They mostly are bad actors.

And if we leave our allies twist
For all the world to see
Among the bad-est actors
Is just what we will be.

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