Mar 6, 2014


I’d like to see at CPAC
A man or woman proudly
Address the delegation
And hear them cheering loudly

I’d like to see a leader
(Where have they gone and whence?)
With common touch like Christie
But much more common sense.

I’d like to see at CPAC
While in this mess we’re mired
A man whose best quotation
Isn’t, “Hey, you’re fired!”

A hotshot from the Congress
Whose budget brilliance smolders
But doesn’t put the burden
On Master Sergeant’s shoulders

A young gun from the Senate
With right and able reasoning
But given current data
Perhaps with some more seasoning

I’d like to see at CPAC
I don’t know his or her name
But kindly give us someone
Without the same old surname
A star to stir the nation
Whose every word and letter
Persuades our doubting spirits
That WE can make things better

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