Feb 14, 2014

A Valentine Poem

You must have heard this one before
And if you have, don’t laugh
We spend our lifetimes looking for
Our other, better half

Some say, for every man
This is a neverending journey
And if you’re in agreement
May I suggest a good attorney?

Others say the soulmate
Is a metaphor or myth
And likewise, their advice
Is that you love the one you’re with

We all know how it feels
When someone tears our heart to tatters
For seeking, lost or gained
Love is the only thing that matters

Solitude is life
Lived on a road that only narrows
And you have known no joy
Without the pain of Cupid’s arrows

For love, I’ve left my fate and fortune
Fall into neglect
But seeing I’m a poet, fellas
What would you expect?

So if you need a Valentine
Or think you wouldn’t mind one
Log on to e-Harmony for heaven’s sakes
And find one.

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