Mar 23, 2012

UN Conventional Wisdom

As Richard Nixon said one night
You win the party on the right
And then he said, with no dissenter
You win the nation at the center

So strategists, for decade stretches
Inscribed that on their Etch-a-Sketches
And Nixon’s dictum was respected
When all the data was collected
Through all the slogans, sung or shouted
His strategy was never doubted

How can I say, without attack words
This year I think it’s all basackwards
The leader, if you get my gist
Is happy as a centrist
The challengers I’m certain seem
Just a little more extreme

But to succeed election night
You can’t just be Obama light
The nominee must pivot right

The pendulum has started swinging
And when Brunhilda’s finished singing
The country which seemed so divided
Will show which side with which they’ve sided

So, in your Book of Wisdom, enter
That side is surely not…the center

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