Mar 2, 2012


Well, he was no summer soldier
Where he fought was hard and cold
His manner? …less than gentle
His words were always bold

Andrew was a leader
And we happily played the chorus
When something needed saying
We let Andrew say it for us

Well, the contest isn’t over
And the system still is broken
So in honor of his mem’ry
We all need to be outspoken

When the moment calls you
Never turn your back and run
Gladly face the challenge
It’s what Andrew would have done

For he was no summer soldier
And the battles never cease
With the others who defend us
Let us pray he rests in peace.


mother hen said...


soopermexican said...

Thank you Joe... I have tears in my eyes.

daveinaz said...

Larry O'Connor featured Joe's reading on!

Unknown said...

As always, spot on!

Nonnie said...

Thank you Joe. You are not a summer soldier either.

Anonymous said...

Breit American Legend, March Forth

American Legend That Leftists Resent ; They Never Will Know, Awesome Goodness, Clark Kent.
They Hate And Revile Our Breitbart Today. They Hate And Revile Our Own U. S. A.

Brave Heart Was Andrew, From Shoulders To Feet. Charisma Composed Of A Smile And A Greet.
Inclusive, He Savored Each Person He Met. No Matter The Time Or The Place Or The Set.

Sing It Out Loud. Sing-It-Fun, Sing It Strong. Wild Art a' la carte; Lets You Know You Belong.
He Busted Off Locks, Off The Grooves, Off The Box. Then Labeled It, Cabled It; Big Site News Rocks!

Larger Than Life; Pounded Radical’s Strife. Yet Counted Them Friends From The Left And The Right.

‘Twas Errors, Hypocrisy, Lies That He Fought. He Couldn’t Be Sold And He Couldn’t Be Bought.

That Sticks In The Craw Of Sick Liberals We See. For Down In Their Sickness Resides, “What’s For Me”
It Leaves Them Devoid Of The Strength Of Our Bart. They Writhe In Their Poison, The Pox In Their Heart.
They Lie In Their Lies, As We March Forth And Laugh; To Wheel Barrel In Red- A Right Jovial Staff.

Conversation Is Genuine Synergy Breit! March Fourth Is Energy. Big Site’s Delight.
Breit Burst Through Clouds, Stood His Ground, Stood For U.S. Big Empire Strews Leftists’ Junk Down To The Dust.

Continual Launch! He Ignored All The Pain. Defeating Our Enemies, Freedom To Gain;
Justice And Liberty Boots On The Ground, Out On The Field, In Their Face He Would Sound.

Did He Say Ba Ba Booey? With His Friends A Good Laugh? Did He Stay For Chop Suey? Did His Day Devote Half? Anything Can Happen, But Top On His List; Devoted To Family, His Wife And His Kids.

Yes, He Is The Legend That Always Will Tell; To Our Kids, And Their Kids, “Don’t Sit for O’s Hell.”
Resilient His Voice, Composition’s Demand; Andrew Breitbart Our Legend-Our Map. Take Your Stand!

by joachim March 4th 2012

defendit said...

I heard this on Hugh Hewitt!

It was also linked over at, but lost the link after Breitbart 2.0 was launched today.

Does anyone have the new link? I'de like to add it to the tribute to Breitbart which I posted to my blog so people can listen to it as heard on the Hugh Hewitt show.