Mar 9, 2012

Getting there from Here

I think they lay awake at nights
Working on inventing rights
And after all the work is done
They’ve come up with another one

They have to ‘cause the times are tough
The Bill of Rights is not enough
10 Amendments ? Hardly any
10 Commandments? 10 Too Many

For when a choice is called a right
There is no field on which to fight
No power to whom we can turn
We’re only heretics to burn

But if we all agree to play
We dodge the wrath for one more day
And coldly slip into our place
Like Pluto on the edge of space
A dimming spec amid the void
Inconsequential planetoid

There’s one way friend, and only one
To find your way back towards the sun
One way you can defeat the night
The way
The truth
The light


Mossy Menos said...

Thank you oh beatific bard. I momentarily mused upon the necessity of making a Royal Request after concluding I needed the Connecticut Yankee to bring back his time machine simply to peruse thy facebook wall! And then, there it was! The poem I sought near to despair, and without need of a Royal Request! Hazzah! Thou art, sir, a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible the first line reads, "I think they lay (awake) at night"?

Anonymous said...

And maybe it should be "...back towards the Son"