Mar 3, 2012

Prayers for Chardon

I’ve walked the streets of Chardon
And bought maple sugar candy
From a girl behind the counter
Who went to that High School
Like her sister did
Like her mother did

I bought hardware
At a hardware store there
And the stranger behind the counter says,
“You’re married to Jean’s daughter, aren’t you?’

I went to the DMV there
For my mother-in-law
And I was done in ten minutes

I played miniature golf
At a sweet course 3 blocks from The Square
Where they hold tournaments
And sell Slim Jims and ice cream cones at the counter

Littleton is a name
Chardon is a place I’ve been
I’m sorry Littleton
I prayed for you
But not as hard as I should have done
As I do
For Chardon

Oh Lord, it is a shock
When 9/11 happens on your block.

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