Jul 25, 2014

1914-2014 WWIII?

O, wither thou world?
Like a ship, un-helmed
Led by the wicked
Or the overwhelmed

Armies are fighting
Of all shapes and sizes
And they’re not impressed
By those Nobel prizes

Every dreary day now
Defeats the last
With each red line crossed
And each deadline passed

Talks have been extended
For an extra inning
Anything to keep
Those centrifuges spinning

All the while planning
For some greater glory
High atop a rocket
--End of story

China caught a cold
Vietnam is sneezing
Tensions in Korea
Sure are easing

I haven't seen the planet
Quite this hot
Since a century ago
When the Duke got shot

I’m a very happy poet
And I like to smile
But I haven’t done it much
For quite a while

It’s hard not to develop
An intense foreboding
In a week with churches
And planes exploding

I wouldn’t trust a truce
As far as I could throw it
We’re in World War III
And we just don’t it

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