May 16, 2014

Poet's Progress

I sit up nights in my abode
Trying hard to pen an ode
Praying that the week’s events’ll
Find their way down through my pencil
Looking, from this chair I’ve sat on
For some hook to hang my hat on
Hoping then that listeners say,
“I’ve never heard it put that way.”

Sometimes it’s just like tap-in puttin’
Sometimes I sit for hours—and nuttin’
This week, when inspiration struck
It hit me like a ten-ton truck

Among Obama’s many messes
We look in vain for his successes
But working hard to be objective
I’ve tried to see from his perspective

They did things and they did them fast
The ACA was pushed and passed
The work force now is light and leaner
The Green Police are getting meaner

And through their policies, so clever
More folks get food stamps now than ever

They took the helm and held it steady
And soon we all were shovel ready
And then of course, they saved GM
Now, how’s that working out for them?
A battle may be won, but lost
If vict’ry comes with too much cost

Way back when Plutarch wrote that lyric
They called a vict’ry like that Pyrric

Now call it anything you chose
When this regime succeeds, we lose

They see a goal and go for it
We’ve got the scars to show for it

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