Jan 17, 2014

The Ballad of Omnibus Bill

You must have heard and should recall
Of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”
Which means, for Pittsburg Steeler fans,
That money, while it changes hands
Makes a move that doesn’t matter
Burns the former, cheats the latter
But worse, on the Absurd-o-meter
Is robbing Peter to pay Peter
Which by a vote of two-to-one
Is what our government has done
It strikes me as the height of pettiness
To charge a grunt for his own readiness
To bill a flyer for his fuel
To dock a sailor for his gruel
And do it without one mis-giving
I guess that’s just the cost of living.

Forgive me if I’m mis-construing
But could this be Paul Ryan’s doing?
It seems to me the pundits said
He was the sharpest in the shed
I guess it’s time that I re-rate him
He let Joe Biden out-debate him
And now, with his entire staff
Appears too clever here, by half
We’ve cut your pay, but have no fears
We put it off for two more years
It’s just part of the D.C. dance
We’ll fix it…if we get the chance
And what about this Rogers guy
So proud of all that he put by
The architect, perhaps the artisan
Twelve hundred pages of bi-partisan
A treasure trove of gives and gets
But give-backs from retired vets
Friend, when you reach across the aisle
You often step in quite a pile
I don’t know much, but what I knows is
Something smells…and it sure ain’t roses

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