Oct 4, 2013

As Said by Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt, on the government
This bit of wisdom spun
That which it does, you don’t miss much
The rest, it can’t get done

Despite the crisis and the wars
The government has shut its doors
For Washington’s elite and brightest
Don’t have a clue, no, not the slightest

Yes, this might mean a bit of trouble
For those inside the beltway bubble
Who’s going to tell those guys the news
They’ll have to shine their own damn shoes

And even the most skilled debater
Must learn to work the elevator
Those White House staffers, flaks and pets
Are locked out just like World War vets

The threat to Fed employees sure could elevate and widen
When we wise up that most are as essential as Joe Biden

So March! Protest! And raise the fuss.
The Tea Party’s done this to us
Until those guys are put to rout
Look what we have to do without

No crazy schemes and regulation
No brand new reams of legislation
No new decrees by any czar
No listening to N.P.R.

No one will be twisting bolts
On any brand new Chevy volts
And here’s a set back worth repeating
The First Lady won’t be tweeting

So many hardships I could cry

Let’s try

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