Sep 13, 2013

Ship of State?

Sail on thou ship of state sail on...
It seems to me you're drifting
Perhaps there's no one left on board
To do the heavy lifting
And if that ship of state breaks down
We’d better get a loan-er
Or else they’ll need to find someone
To play the part of Jonah
Alas, this mighty ship of state
Has proven to be crew-less
I guess, of course, that's apropos
Because the captain's clueless

Seeing likely outcomes
They know his course is reckless
And spotting not a single "feck"
Know likewise that it's feckless

But if you don’t agree then tell me why
The world is willin’
To put their trust in someone
Who resembles a Bond Villain?

And yet the fate of millions
Before we count to ten
Rests upon the efforts
And the skills of these two men

Can they get all this organized
And manage to agree
When one man ran communities
And one the K.G.B.?

Still, I remain an optimist
And I retain my hope
But in this situation
I’m counting on the Pope

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