Jan 13, 2012

Fired Up

The outlook is improving
And I hear Home Depot’s hiring
However, there are people
We must still consider firing

There’s several I can think of
Who should have a lot more free time
Starting with that bureaucrat
Who books Obama’s tee-time

And others I’m convinced, at least
Deserve a cut in pay
Starting with all zealots
Who work at the E.P.A.

And if I were elected
I’d pass out some cigars
Then start the reformation
By dismissing all the czars

And though I know that cutbacks
Tend to cause a lot of stress
I have a plan to decimate
The staff at I.R.S.

I’d can that new department
Aimed at “helping” the consumer
And then I’d send out pink slips
To Pelosi, Reid and Schumer

I’d scrutinize the records
Then make it a requirement
Whoever gave Solyndra cash
Accept early retirement

If you sold guns to drug lords
That merits a suspension
And if you lie to hide it
Whoops! There goes your pension

It hurts to lose employment
Believe me, I remember
But I live in hope that someone
Gets his notice next November

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