Sep 11, 2007

Utopia by Tarzana Joe

That notion, so delectable
That mankind is perfectible
Is once again respectable
And seems our current goal

We used to think divinity
Was out there past infinity
Perhaps in the vicinity
Of your immortal soul

But now we’re told perfection
For those who’re so inclined
Is nearer than it’s ever been
For it’s been redefined

We’re scolded to be perfect
By cries of the Incessants
We owe it to our neighbors
To use compact fluorescents

We owe this new utopia
To exercise for hours
We owe it to the planet
To all take shorter showers

Forget exploring oceans
Or some day visit Mars
The challenge of our lifetime
Is to all get hybrid cars

If we, in our obedience
Put out the selfish flame
We’ll turn our backs to heaven
And all will think the same

Is this the end of ice cream?
And vices that we treasure…
Is this the end of sparkling?
Is this the end of pleasure?

So down with your defiance
I recommend compliance
Join in the new alliance
And grasp the greater good

Forget what you’re pursuin’
It’s been your life’s undoin’
The past is but a ruin
See there, where it once stood.


myclob said...

Great job! Did you post this by loging in or using your e-mail?

AST said...

It's natural to feel sympathy
For a guy like Larry Craig,
But when he tries to deny he's gay,
I think he's laid an egg.

AST said...

P.S. I think you meant "their" not "there" in the second to the last stanza, a mistake you didn't make in the line about doing their wash in public places.