Sep 8, 2007

Reflections on Knocked Up

By Tarzana Joe

When I was a lad
I lived scott-free
I only cared about myself
And me
And I spelled ego with a capital “E”
And quite possibly
With a capital “G”
Woe is me!

Then came 19 hundred and 93
When I asked the little lady to marry me
She said, “We’ll see.’
Then, “I agree”
Somewhat passive-aggressively

Two years later she announced to me
We’ll soon be three
Which we proudly communicated to the family

Then in the mailbox
What do I see?
The only letter my dad ever sent to m

You’re about to give a new life our name
PS: Your life will never be the same.

Oh, father dear. How true! How true!
And how often I misunderestimated you
Had I appreciated the changes parenthood had in store
I would have started earlier and had six more!

Now I have a lad
And he lives scott-free
And you can’t believe the joy that he brings to me
And nothing I can think of could make it better
Well, at least, until I get to write him that letter.

1 comment:

Patrick the American said...

this is a good poem about life. Its as good as any Shakespear I ever understood.the batton is passed on.
So run along .
run along