Nov 26, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Recently, I’ve pondered on
A curious phenomenon
As we acquire more and more
We find less to be thankful for
My iPhone 5 is really great
I wish that it was up to date
Somehow I feel that I deserve
To own a flat-screen with a curve
Or get what’s bigger, faster, better
Oh how I need another sweater!
That’s why I think in each November
We pause a moment to remember
How, with each breath our blessings mount
And how we should our blessings count
And in that moment of reflection
Resolve to seek a new direction
Before we face another Fall
To do our best and give our all
That by our labors and our arts
We upgrade what’s within our hearts
Oh Lord, allow to be renewed
Our undiminished gratitude
To cherish life each time we pray
On this and every other day

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