Sep 13, 2014

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I once advised great legal minds
To shut their doors and draw their blinds
To hide their views and mask their wit
If, on The Court, they hoped to sit
For nominees were known to fail
Because they left a paper trail
But paper fades and so does ink
Time marches on and mem’ries shrink
If what we wrote or spoke was rotten
It’s likely both were long forgotten
A poor remark or choice of words
A slander on the Turks or Kurds
A joke, that got too closed to race
Was breathed and gone…without a trace
Now everything that’s vile or sordid
Is saved and easily recorded
The world can see the trail you’ve left
It’s posted and you’re *.pdf’ed
And old e-mail makes quite a mess
Unless you’re with the IRS
So have a thought and then, amend it
Edit it before you send it
Then look both ways before you walk
And think things through before you talk
This is the day that progress brought--
A world with no uncensored thought.

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