Jun 20, 2014

Lies and Lessons

The lies we’ve heard
This year, to date
Are multiple and myriad
There’s not a grain of truth
In any sentence, phrase or period

The climate’s warming faster
And the atmosphere is hot
Except that every measurement
Suggests that they are not

Bureaucrats get bonuses
While vets are losing sleep
Waiting for appointments
With the doctors they can’t keep

The summer’s put on hold
With every regulation set
For coal is quarantined
As is the bar-b-q brick-ette

It’s hard to know for certain
When it all becomes a fog
But hard drives were recycled
And the homework ate my dog

Congressional committees
Have shown patience and restraint
The Fifth Amendment’s sacred
If the First Amendment ain’t

And every morning brings
The same old questions from reporters
What terrorists?  What scandals?
What immigrants?  What borders?

But now we face a crisis
Neither hyped nor overstated
Terror’s on the march again
And that can’t be debated

The planet’s made of granite
But even stone can break
Lives are in the balance
And there must be no mistake

The buck stops at White House
Where from a crowd of voices
The President alone is left
With nothing but hard choices

And though it seems instinctive
That we find some way to thwart him
This time I'd like to find a way
To rally and support him

OF all the League of Nations
Only one is a deterrent
That Truth is often painful
I’d be lying, if it weren’t

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