Nov 6, 2013

In the Aftermath

We need more men like them
We need more women too
Who in a time of crisis
Do what we all should do
I listen to the host
And think it can’t be true
The people that we lost
Were people that we knew

The man who taught at church
Or shoveled out your walk
The lady at the corner
Who just loved to stop and talk

That woman from IT
Who also did some clerk-ing
The guy who really loved his work
And never did stop working

I only want a hint
Or peek into The Plan
Oh, why is it so hard to be
A Boston Bruins fan?

The crimes against our friends
Are numerous and mounting
Where will we find another soul
So good at bluebird counting

And thinking of his children
I don’t think I can take it
It’s like I got the phone call
Saying, “Marty didn’t make it.”

And then our teacher Mike
Why did he have to die
Remember him whenever
Someone hollers “Semper Fi”

Well, now I’m off to work
I’ll see you both tonight
Before I go please hold me
Hold me Hold me tight.

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