Jun 23, 2013

Poems I Haven't Posted

Let’s Make a Deal

All around the Capitol
Work is being done
To ferret out the truth
And to locate that smoking gun

They’re looking at those bureaucrats
Who silently have served
In hopes that those who scorned the law
Might get what they deserved

If all this has you feeling
Kind of justice-y or kharma-ry
It’s tough to find a single gun
When looking in an armory

The obvious is hard to spot
Consider if you please
That oft repeated adage of
The forest and the trees

There’s truth in that old wisdom
But I’ll put it somewhat newer
It’s tough to see malarkey
When you’re swimming through a sewer

With all the Lois Lernering
And the shoddy Eric Holdering
There is no single smoking gun
The whole darn town is smoldering

But what has me most troubled
Every follicle’s gone grey for it
Crimes have been committed
But no one’s gonna pay for it

Congressmen are shouting
That attention must be paid
But somewhere in a conference room
Deals are being made

I say this very sadly
But I hope it will be quoted
Silence can be purchased
When the guilty are promoted

It’s a pretty practice
That goes right on back to royalty
When baronets and dukedoms
Were a way to garner loyalty

A title is a title
And I guess that should suffice
For Her Ladyship, Ms. Jarrett
And the Countess Susan Rice.

Alphabet Soup

Is in a mess
Should go away
And I suggest that OSHA
Should be shipped to Nova Scotia

Has a black eye
The SSA and DOJ
Don’t seem to know the time of day
And ditto for the CIA

But, you wouldn’t know
And couldn’t guess
If you tuned into CBS
Now, certainly there is no plot
They’re covering these scandals—not
You’d think around these stories all the news hounds
Would be hovering
But it’s the work of Taylor Swift
That Steve Croft has been covering

It seems to me
Couldn’t organize a spelling bee
And I won’t eat at a buffet
That’s served up by the FDA
And 2 + 2
I’ll have you know
Is well beyond the CBO

The obvious conclusion
Should make everybody ill at ease
The government has power
Far beyond its capabilities
And power unabated
Always seems to have a way
To slowly but quite surely
Lead the powerful astray

And so I think it’s liable
With hand upon the bi-able
That someday soon the POTUS
Will be tried before the SCOTUS
But the Media…won’t notice

June Gloom

My eyesight has been going
And my hearing’s out of tune
Two things that I commemorate
Every single June

And with each year that passes
I move more like cold molasses

There’s nothing in my closet anymore
That even fits me
The only saves I’m making
Happen when the puck just hits me

My train of thought is popping
Like an old victrola skips
And when I reach the putting green
I find I’ve got the yips.

 The graceful glades of memory
Seem more to me like thickets
And when I climb a stairway
My kneecaps chirp like crickets

My days are full of whining
And my nights are wet with tears
The only hair that’s growing
Is the hair that’s in my ears

The path I took to get here
With cold regret is littered
But still I have to smile
When alternative’s considered

There’s music and there’s beauty
There’s Chablis and guacamole
Hey, you there with a hockey team
Call if you need a goalie

The kid is off to college
It appears I’ll have some free time
Hey, you there at the golf course
What’s it look like for a tee time?

Amen dictu mirabile
My marriage just gets stronger
Hey, you there with that stop watch
Let me run a little longer

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