Mar 4, 2013

Send an Epistle

When I come home from working
I question, without fail
“How then, was your day dear?”
And “What came in the mail?”

And even back in college
Oh, when the world was wider
I checked my post box daily
If just to feed the spider

Each day with expectations
My weary way, I’d wend
Hoping I would find there
A letter from a friend

And when a note or package
Appeared there without warning
I’d tear the thing apart
Just like a kid on Christmas morning

And still anticipation
In some enduring way
Makes me hope and wonder
“What came for me today?”

For when the words were written
When I couldn’t hear or see
Somehow someone somewhere
Was thinking about me

If bills and pills and notices
Are so anticipated
Think of how, in hunger
Corinthians must have waited.

They came by road or wagon
By stealth beyond detection
Words of Wisdom Comfort Love
Assurance and Direction

And when in Rome or Ephesus
They greeted it’s arriving
It meant the word was growing
And the message was surviving

And if today you think good news
Is seldom ever heard
Take your pen in hand with me
And, gently, spread the word

1 comment:

Bill Limebrook said...

Hello Tarzana Joe by Bill Limebrook

I’d like to say a big hello
To a guy I admire, Tarzana Joe.
I first heard you on Hugh Hewitt’s show,
And enjoyed your words with relish.

Important poems deep and expanding,
Posed with biblical understanding.
God’s wisdom is what you’re gently handing
A world that’s gone hellish.

Artfully evincing with sobriety
No wonder you’re gaining notoriety
With folks who care about society
For this we’re truly grateful.

If I blew more smoke you’d get a tumor
But I can’t leave out your witty humor
It hits the spot for this consumer.
Pass another plateful!