Aug 24, 2012

Long Range Forecast

Gather round and lend an ear

While I explain the reason

Everything you’ve seen so far

Hasmerely been pre-season


If you believed campaigning

Has been rough through certain patches

From here until November

Better batten down the hatches


The ocean level’s rising

And the water table’s warming

So something prime and powerful

Is clearly out there forming


The man and the machinery

Are just about converging

Telling me tomorrow that

A wave will soon be surging


Despite the demographics

That the pollsters are pursuing

Over the horizon, folks

A hurricane is brewing


A righteous revolution

That no force on earth can damper

The Republican Convention

Is about to start in Tampa


I’ve never been too clever

Either fiscally or stock wise

But I know the tide is turning

And it’s moving counter-clockwise


Well, I may be too hopeful

Or I just may be mistaken

But I see a few surprises

When the final vote is taken


For in every five-day forecast

Slings and arrows are the norm

Whatever comes this weekend’s

Just the calm before the storm.

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