May 5, 2012

Soldier Statesman

If you’ve listened to the witnesses
At trial for John Edwards
And concluded trust, integrity
And honor all were dead words

If you think all politicians
Are deceptive rank and rotten
I challenge every one of you
To learn about Tom Cotton

He worked his parents’ cattle farm
From when he was a lad
Not many cattle farmers
Get from there to Harvard Grad

His legal practice put him
In a comfortable position
But when we went to war
He joined an infantry division

When in a crisis, duty calls
Some special heroes heed it
So when the country’s done with war
I reckon they should lead it

I know no better resume
For any politician
Than honorable service
Through enlistment or commission

They risked their lives and futures
So that we could live in Peace
What profits then their sacrifice
If we turn in to Greece?

And so they doff their camouflage
And don a three piece suit
It’s just their kind leadership
Both parties should recruit

Good soldiers do their duty
And they never leave their station
We thank the and support them
As we make a better nation

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