May 6, 2011


Those with sensitivity
Have been a bit alarmed
And feel restraint’s required
If someone is unarmed

Perhaps the legendary DUKE
Depicted it the best
“Fair is Fair” and “Face to Face”
The Code that Won the West

So that the cause of Justice
Endures and stays unharmed
I’d like to give a tribute
To those who died unarmed

The stewardess
The passenger
The child in her embrace
Who didn’t know the enemy
Or wrong him face to face

The fireman
The file clerk
The guy from out of town
Who couldn’t plead for mercy
Before the walls came down

We stand with all the innocents
Wherever they may be
And praise the strength and justice of
United 93

I don’t know every nuance
Within our Constitution
I don’t know where they’re written
The Laws of Retribution

But when the scales of Justice tilt
And need a little fix
To put them back in balance
Just call on Seal Team Six


Big Mike said...

Wow, that may be your best yet Tarzana Joe. Brilliant and moving!

Anonymous said...


bubbydean said...

Great one, Joe! Have fun this weekend stimulating the economy. Wait, that sounded dirty...

the Edifice Group said...


Beautifully said. I heard you on Hewitt, then came home and read it to my wife. We were both moved to tears. She wants to read it to her 2nd grade class.

Anonymous said...


Paulyho said...

That was fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this!

tamij said...

Simply terrific TJ!! Ditto what Big Mike (aka @michaelbeck) said-->brilliant and moving! We so appreciate your weekly contribution to #hhrs! Thank-you!!!

Anonymous said...

God Bless - a wonderful poem. Thank you Joe.


Alo Konsen said...

Bravo Zulu, sir.

I do believe I'll go slake my thirst with a bin Laden -- two shots and a splash of water.